Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK

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NINJA FOODI Multi-Cooker OP300UK

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Say hello to guilt-free fried food.

Discover a fast and easy way to cook your favourite meals and snacks, using little to no oil.

From crispy, golden chips to roasted vegetables, enjoy the same great taste with up to 75% less fat than deep-fried hand-cut French fries. More than an air fryer, you can also roast, reheat and even dehydrate food to create delicious home-made meals and snacks.


  • Ninja Air Fryer
  • Air Fryer Basket
  • Air Fryer Crisper Plate
  • Cook & Crisp Rack


  • Now Only £99.98 – Save £20!
  • 2 Easy Payments of £49.99

Rated: 5.00/5.0¹ starstarstarstarstar


Are you searching for a pressure cooker, slow cooker or air fryer? You’re in the right place. The Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker combines all these functions and more, including steam, bake, roast and grill.

Featuring TenderCrisp Technology, this one-pot wonder is the only pressure cooker that crisps. Simply pressure cook to lock in juices and finish with a golden crisp. Easily create complete meals, sides and desserts in a fraction of the time. The only hard part is deciding what to make first…


  • Ninja Foodi
  • Cooking Pot
  • Reversible Rack
  • Cook & Crisp Basket


  • Now Only £179.96 – Save £20!
  • 4 Easy Payments of £44.99

Rated: 5.00/5.0¹ starstarstarstarstar

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Guilt-Free Fried Food

A healthier way to enjoy your favourite fried foods. From perfectly cooked chips and crispy chicken wings to roasted vegetables and homemade jerky, the Ninja Air Fryer gives you the same great taste using little to no oil.


With 4 cooking functions – Air FryRoastReheat and Dehydrate – not only can you create delicious mains and side dishes, you can also reheat to restore leftovers and get that fresh-out-of-the-oven texture. You can even gently dehydrate ingredients to enjoy homemade dried fruits, vegetable crisps and beef jerky.

Feed the Family

Feed the family with the generously-sized 3.8L non-stick basket, fitting in 900g of fries – that’s equal to 6 servings. Gather the whole household around the table for quick, homemade dinners. You can even cook from frozen.

Quick & Easy

Dinner can be on the table in just minutes thanks to the Air Fryer’s quick, customisable programmes, one-touch controls and fast air-flow. Engineered for accuracy, precision temperature control ensures your food is cooked to perfection. Choose from variable heat settings and two fan speeds. Easy to clean with non-stick, dishwasher-safe parts.



Air Fry using up to 75% less fat than deep-fried, hand-cut French fries. Pressure Cook quick, tender, juicy meals. Slow Cook to ensure your meal is ready when you get home. Roast golden vegetables, grill tender chicken breasts, steam delicate fish, sauté onions and bake tasty cakes to perfection.

Tendercrisp Technology

Pressure cooking locks in juices, then switch from the Pressure Lid to the Crisping Lid to finish food with a delicious golden crisp. That’s TenderCrisp Technology. Enjoy juicy chicken wings with a crunchy coating, fluffy roast potatoes with a golden finish and more.



Switch between the Pressure Lid and Crisping Lid for perfect results every time. For versatile results in one pot, you can also easily switch between multiple cooking functions using intuitive touchscreen controls. Versatile temperature settings and adjustable time settings give you complete control.

Cook from Frozen

Even frozen food is thoroughly cooked and finished with a crunch – perfect for days when you need to raid the freezer. Defrosting, cooking and crisping in one go, you can even TenderCrisp a whole chicken from frozen.

One-Pot Recipes

Save time by cooking mains and sides at the same time. Simply place vegetables and grains into the cooking pot, add the reversible rack and layer meat, fish or proteins on top to enjoy easy, complete one-pot meals. Dinner ready before you are? Foodi can keep your meal warm for up to 30 minutes after cooking.

Food for all

Includes a large 6L cooking pot and a 3.6L Cook & Crisp basket, holding up to 1.1kg of French fries or a whole 2kg chicken. Ceramic-coated, non-stick dishwasher-safe parts make washing up easy. Inspiration is included with a recipe guide in the box.

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